In our plant, technological processes are systematically improved in order to achieve the right quality of the workpieces, including producing rollers for forage harvesters. In addition, best lathe and milling practices are being implemented to achieve repeatable production for mass orders, but also by the production of crushers for forage harvesters.


For the production of parts, we only use certified materials, which are strictly chosen according to the needs of the current order, that give the effect of high durability of manufactured parts. For the production of the crusher rollers, we use a special material with specially selected, experimentally obtained properties that is produced to order and enriched with chromium.


We strive to achieve high precision in the manufactured/machined parts, by using state-of-the-art measuring tools and constantly improving our working techniques, our skills, and those of our employees. Systematic development in this field also allows us to achieve the right parameters when producing rollers for the crusher.


Crusher Class Jaguar

Production of rollers for crushers in field forage harvesters

SKRAWIT as a manufacturer of rollers for crushers in field forage harvesters, uses custom-made steel with the addition of chromium or other grades of steel. Milled rollers are subjected to appropriate technological processes to obtain a high-strength final product. The roller teeth are directional and very sharp.

Class crusher

Production of rollers for grain crushers

Recently, SKRAWIT has developed the processes necessary to produce rollers for grain crushers, in other words, the selection of appropriate material, milling/knurling method, and selection of thermal processes to increase durability.

Class crusher

Regeneration of rollers and crushers

In many cases, SKRAWIT undertakes the process of regenerating rollers. Each time rollers intended for regeneration must be assessed for repairability. The degree of wear and technical condition of the rollers are assessed.


Other products and services

The company’s activities include broadly understood services using metalworking machines, i.e. turning, milling, threading, etc.

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